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SEO Pricing Comparision

Search Engine Optimization Pricing Comparison

What should an SEO charge to get a client’s website to perform in Google.

What is meant by “perform in Google search results“?

Below are published examples of established SEO firms who post their price lists online (needless to say we linked back to the original source) I charge something similar to the example below.  I’m often mystified by clients who have been counseled to pay for Google Adwords by web designers who do not have the clients best interests in mind: they wanna get paid for the website and suggesting that “all you need to do is buy adwords and…”.

Well Adwords ARE a good solution for *SOME* websites and *SOME* industries, for example IF you sold a product or service to other business owners (B2B or Business To Business), then Adwords could work out to your advantage… but if you were a doctor or a therapist or a divorce counselor…

Your prospective clients *could* shy away from your “sponsored links”, certain industries do not do well if the target audience is jaded against advertising. Those industries would fare much better if they were *magically found* in Google Organic Search Results

SEO Pricing

Search engine optimization is an investment that can continue to grow long after the project is complete. Generally speaking; natural “organic” rankings provide much more traffic than sponsored paid listings (some estimates say 3 to 1). In terms of your return on investment; that makes SEO very attractive. With the influx of new traffic, SEO should more than pay for itself in terms of increased leads and sales.

Primary Tasks in SEO

Research & Consulting
We perform a site performance audit; reporting your current ranks as well as those of your competitors. We then document our findings; giving you a solid plan of action for the SEO project.

Keyword & Competitor Research
We use a number of sources to develop a select and recommended series of keywords for your website. We provide you with a report showing current popularity for your industry keywords and their respective competitive value.

On Site SEO
Since your website is the one aspect of SEO where you have total control; we don’t miss any opportunities to make certain your site will perform well in search engines. We have developed our own proprietary formulas we use to optimize your site from the ground up: content, meta data, link integrity, site structure, image tags, titles and more. We prepare and submit a Google site map for your site.

Off Site SEO
Off site SEO refers to the factor that has the most influence over your ranking: linking. We use ethical, search engine compliant methods to obtain quality inbound links for your site. Directory and search engine submissions as well as industry verticals are excellent methods for obtaining quality links.

Reporting & Maintenance
Each month we document your rankings and inbound links

Additional SEO services
Blog creation and writing, Social Media Advertising, Press Release Distribution, Article writing & distribution, Paid inclusion, Search engine feeds, Landing page optimization & copywriting, RSS feeds

Services Business Plan Corporate Plan MaxTraffic Plan
Baseline Reporting

Using in-depth reporting technologies we provide a clear picture of your current organic rankings in the search engines. This includes positions on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. We also determine your current link popularity and search engine saturation. This report is used as a comparison tool to measure the effectiveness of our efforts and to gain insight about your existing search engine visability.
included in price included in price included in price
Keyword Research

We identify keyword phrases likely to be used by potential customers. This list will comprise of keyword phrases suggested by you as well as phrases found while researching the your industry and competing sites. We then expand the list to include other terms used by people in actual searches related to your industry. From this mega-list, we develop a detailed list of the terms with the highest probability of success.
included in price included in price included in price
Meta-tag Creation

We create META information including Title, Description, Keywords, and Robots tags for each individual page. This invisable information helps your positioning and the content will become a valuable part of your website. SEO copywriting is part of our deliverable to you.
included in price included in price included in price
SEO Copywriting

We provide you with keyword-rich, optimized content. We start with content you provide and re-write, enhance and add content to make certain it meets or exceeds the standards of all top-tier search engines.
included in price included in price included in price
Page Optimization

We optimize all page content paying attention to accurate keyword density, optimized text and images. If your pages use Flash, we optimize alternate content to serve when users don’t have Flash. This content can be spidered by search engines.
included in price included in price included in price
Free Directory Submissions

Hand submission to all major free directories. Project level determines submission to paid directories such as Yahoo! Directory, described further in “Yahoo Directory” and “Linking” below.
included in price included in price included in price
Search Engine Submissions

Submissions to over 150 quality, hand-picked search engines in our database such as MSN, Google, Alta Vista and more.
included in price included in price included in price
Monthly Status Reports

Updated ranking and linking reports provided on a monthly basis with analysis and recommendations. These reports show you at-a-glance the progress of the optimization. You will see which keywords have achieved rankings and which have not compared to your baseline report.
included in price included in price included in price
Optimization Testing

Prior to submitting your site; all pages are testing using our proprietary software. We scan the site; test for keywords, keyword densities and other issues that could adversely affect your site’s performance.
included in price included in price included in price
Competitor Analysis

An analysis of the top competitors for your primary keywords. This includes traffic estimation, inbound linking, search engine saturation and methods they are using to market their site. We provide a ranking report showing positioning for your top competitors.
included in price included in price included in price
Link Building

Based on our linking research, we make contacts with potential one-way links, linking partners and industry-relevant sites or portals. We track and database all link relationships established (inbound and outbound).
included in price included in price included in price
Structural Analysis

We uncover any issues with internal linking or structural issues that may inhibit ranking and produce recommendations for efficient restructuring.
included in price included in price included in price
Usability Analysis

Based on current and updated content, G3 analyses website for visitor useability/ease of navigation issues. This study will be presented with recommendations for changes to on page content or linking, in order to increase leads or sales derived by the site.
not included in price included in price included in price
URL Optimization

Analysis and optimization of your site’s URL structure. Some URL structures are not conducive to search engines, such as URL strings that include a question mark or other methods of fetching data that a search engine may ignore. URL structure affects the way major search engines rank your website and optimum url’s can influence higher rankings for dynamic as well as static sites.
not included in price not included in price included in price
Yahoo Directory Submission

Includes initial $299 annual fee for express inclusion into Yahoo! Directory. G3 selects a relevant category and writes a strategic Title and Description. This is an annual fee and is highly recommended by G3 to help rankings in all major search engines, not just yahoo!
not included in price not included in price included in price
Premium Directory Submissions

These directories charge a fee to review or list your site. We submit your site manually to each directory and the charges are included for selected SEO plans.
not included in price not included in price included in price
Advanced Ranking Reporting

Use of advanced metrics software allows us to see at a glance which search engine listings (or paid listings) are performing well and those that are not. We setup and install Analytics and Conversion Tracking on your site. We leverage the insight from these reports to adjust your campaigns for increased conversions.
not included in price not included in price included in price
Additional Services

We prepare and submit a Google sitemap. We also prepare a list of URL’s for guaranteed inclusion with Yahoo.
not included in price not included in price included in price
Plan Term/Payment Schedule 6 months 6 months 12 months
Number of pages optimized up to 10 pages up to 20 pages 30 pages
Pricing $3950.00 $4700.00 Starting at $9950

Pricing for SEO should be based on the amount of work required – naturally the size and complexity of your site is a primary factor as well as your goals. Local niche keywords are simply going to be easier to obtain than global, broad terms. Nobody can accurately quote for SEO unless they know the size of your website, what special problems you may be facing and how competitive you would like to be with your project. The plans above are designed to give you an idea of our price range.

Click here to get a free site analysis report. No obligation… a free site analysis will give you an objective look at your site performance and it’s yours to keep regardless of whether or not you purchase our SEO services.

SEO Consultive Services: If you have a web developer or you are creating a new site; please inquire about our seo consulting services. We provide the SEO copywriting and all other tasks but you implement the changes on the site. This will help to keep your SEO costs lower.


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Fee for Worldwide Ranking: $12,000 annually plus monthly maintenance
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The newest Game Changer is a Googlemaps Listing. For some reason  people trust a Googlemaps listing because they think it’s a trusted body deciding who gets to rank #1. Very Few, and I mean VERY FEW Seo firms are providing improved ranking in Googlemaps

I’m happy to say I’m one of the very few that can deliver that service.

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