About Me

Owner of Frederick Web Promotions

Owner of Frederick Web Promotions

David Bruce teaches local small business owners the art and alchemy of Dominating the Local Google™ Advertising scene in their area.

Owner of Frederick Web Promotions in Frederick Maryland,  David’s clients are local small business owners that all enjoy MULTIPLE listings in the Google™ Search Results pages for the keywords their prospective customers are going to type into Google™

So You want YOUR business to be at the top of Google™?

Email David Bruce at davidbrucejr@frederickwebpromotions.com or Call   240 315-1515   right now (before your competition calls)



  1. joseph said

    Have viewed a lost of your posts and find them intriguing. However, after bumping into multiple mentions of “I will show the basics to whet your appetite for free,” I could not find anywhere on any of the pages how to take you up on the “free” introductory offer. So what is the catch? or is it really not free?

    • I’m a victim of my own success, am buried in work to the point of needing to hire some employees.
      This blog has been neglected because I have too many paying clients for me to keep up with (by myself)

      Just hired two employees so I’ll be able to catch up with this blog…. I also do publicity for non profits at no charge and they’re taking me up on the offer

      sorry, this blog is on my list of things to do


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