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RSS Feeds Help Google Find Backlinks

Why Doesn’t Google Index ALL My Back Links?

That question is posted frequently to almost every SEO forum I visit.

How Do I Get Google To Find ALL My Back Links?

Google ranks websites according to an algorithm, there are many factors involved in determining which sites get to be #1, #2 and so on, but the number of OTHER sites that mention your website is the biggest factor in determining who goes where in search results.

It’s an SEO established fact that in Google’s eyes, we ARE allowed to create our own backlnks, even Matt Cutts, Google’s own Search Quality Control Chief, the head spam cop at Google says Google knows and is ok with webmasters creating their own backlinks

Now this raises some questions: One would think it would be better if other people linked to your website because your site had quality information that was noteworthy, this is known as “natural link building”, as opposed to your attempting to manipulate search results by making your own extra websites that link back to your site.

Big G does have a system in place to devalue some back links, certain back links are said to be penalized, Google sees them, they are indexed but they don’t seem to improve your ranking. There is much disinformation surrounding this penalization theory.
Some cry foul over your creating your own back links, they claim that’s a black hat cheating method.

There should be *some kind* of way to screen out junk links, for example, what if you were a large corporation with deep pockets, all you’d have to do would be to run out and buy 1000 domain names and throw up a website on each one, thus manipulating the search results that way…. doesn’t that sound an awful lot like it’d choke out the smaller competitors with less financial resources to compete with?
Of course it does, and big G knows this.

The last thing G wants is to be seen as puppet to multi-national corporations or special interest groups

So the smart money says G can check for commonalities to spot such manipulation and ignore certain links if they match a signature.

Alternatively, G can’t penalize us for links we didn’t create, if they did so, all we’d have to do to knock out a competitor would be to add his link to a dozen or so porn sites and ruin their link equity. G knows this too.

So our task is to create back links aggressively enough to rank but not so aggressively as to trigger what I’ll call a manipulation signature (for lack of a better phrase)

So is there a way to get our ignored links to carry more weight with big G?

There is a method I found and am testing right now: RSS feeds
create an RSS feed for your lessor links and ping them with

So how do you find which links are there but not being counted?
Here’s one way: Use Yahoo’s site explorer to see what your back links are that Yahoo found.
Now type your url into Google and hunt for back links that aren’t in Yahoo’s site explorer.

Gather up those not indexed links and create an RSS feed for them, submit that RSS feed to the feed aggregators and ping the RSS feed you just created.

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