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Web Design is the least of your worries

”Do you do web design?”

My reply is common for most SEO agencies: “Not really, but I always seem to have to go behind you guys take the client out of the witness protection plan you all keep sending them to.”

Web Designers think they’re supposed to be writing to please humans.

Web Designers are Totally Clueless…

If you don’t write to please GoogleBot FIRST

no one is ever going to see your Shakespearean prose of glitzy flash presentation.

Most web design or redesign projects are executed on specifications. In most cases, those specifications emphasize front end design and user experience elements as well as back end content management and administration features. What most web design specifications do not include is attention to how search engines will interact with the web site or how a re-design will impact current search engine visibility.

The result for a web site redesign or change in content management system that does not consider implications for search engines can be disastrous. When changes are made to a web site, it can affect overall content organization, navigation, past SEO efforts of content, syntax of file names and a host of other web page elements.

When search engines crawl web sites, they make copies of web pages and links. Changing web pages and links without redirecting in the right way can be confusing to search engines.The solution to this unintentional sabotage is to implement a SEO migration plan that will help mitigate any negative effects of a major site change. If a web site and the the links from other sites pointing to that web site have been known to a search engine for any notable amount of time, then there is a certain equity that has been built up. Changing content and links essentially sabotages that equity and can result in plummeting search visibility. read more


Who cares if you have a pretty site… if no one is ever going to see it!

If that expensive site with bells and whistles is ranked #211

I guarantee you no one is ever going to see it.

All my sites (and my clients) are listed MULTIPLE TIMES in the top ten.

Often filling the entire front page of Google with links to OUR sites.


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What parts of your site affect it’s Rank

Ranking Factors for SEO

(Page 1 of 4 )

What factors affect how high your web page will rank in Google? There’s a long list, and some of the items on it might surprise you. In this article, we will begin to wade through these factors, explain why they are important, and what you can do to get them working for you. This is the first part of a five-part series.

Internal Link Structure

Internal linking is one of the most important factors that impact search engines rankings. Internal links pass page rank in a fashion similar to external links. If a certain page is cited from many pages, it is considered important. Use of targeted anchor text also plays a role. If you’re going after “green widgets,” make sure internal links point to that page with “green widgets” as their text for the link.

<h2>External Links</h2>

Who you link out, it gives the search engines a clue as to the quality of your pages. If X site links to a bad neighborhood, it will be considered part of that neighborhood and get slapped. Outbound links to quality sites indicate the quality of your content, and are likely used in the relevancy computation.

There are many top-ranking sites that don’t link to anyone, so this may only affect newer sites. This is another indicator used in conjunction with other factors. Linking out to quality sources won’t get the rankings, but if done with other SEO activity it helps with the overall trust and relevancy score.

Links to spam can get you flagged as spam, so be careful.

Link Popularity

Imagine 2 companies, both equal by any conventional measure, both have relatively equal advertising agencies, both have NFL super bowl ads… both have equal websites.

Imagine Coke and Pepsi

Google has got to choose… there can be only ONE NUMBER ONE

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other websites pointing at your website.

How to Find Good Backlinks

Website ranking involves more than just putting your website online. The old addage, “Build it and they will come” is no longer true. You need to not only have quality content on your website but also focus on getting good backlinks but also relevant backlinks. The kind of links you gather and where the link is placed on the other site will also determine the amount of traffic you get and your ranking in the search engines.

Google and Yahoo rank websites according to how many quality backlinks they find pointing at your website. Quality is determined by how relevant the other site is to your site and where the link is placed on their page (within the content is best) and how many other links are on the page (less is better). A large number of links pointing at your site does not guarantee success. You need quality backlinks in order to rise to the first page of results and the more you can find the better.


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Maryland Search Engine Optmization – authority sites demonstrated

To be a Local Google Guru means to be a trusted authority in what ever niche you’ve decided to conquer. I’ve decided to be “THE” Authority on Frederick Internet Advertising, which makes sense for me because I live in Frederick Maryland.

What does that mean?

It means I do local search engine optimization for Frederick Maryland Small Businesses.

So in Google’s eyes (or in GoogleBot’s eyes) I AM Frederick Maryland Small Business.

I could write and write but I think I’ll let these screen shots do my talking:

These are actual screen shots of Google Rankings that I secured for my local Frederick Maryland Clients:

And just in case WordPress refuses to allow flash slideshows:

Used restaurant equipment Maryland

caption reads:

Used Restaurant Equipment Maryland keywords targeted for Gilbert’s Restaurant Equipment in Frederick Maryland

Screen shot depicts Gilbert’s earning THREE of the TOP TEN listings in Google… out of a possible 1,130,000 other restaurant equipment websites!

Does YOUR SEO company Get YOU this kind of results?

Frederick Moving Companies 3_28_09

caption reads:

Frederick Maryland Moving

Google Search Results Pages (or SERPs) have 10 listings per page

As you can see Frederick Web Promotions took 5 of the 10 available listings.

NO OTHER SEO firm is taking ‘half the page’.


Does YOUR SEO company Get YOU this kind of results?

Would you like YOUR COMPANIES website to PERFORM in Google like this?

Frederick Web Promotions secures MULTIPLE listings in all the major search engines for it’s clients.

Offering SEO or Search Engine Optimization services for under $2000 per year. Best ROI (Return on Investment) of any advertising you could possibly secure for your small business.

More articles on being an authority site or a collection of authority sites coming soon.

Articles on using Hub pages coming too

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