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162 Characters between you and Oblivion

As a Local Google Advertising expert I’m often asked to get a corporate website to rank higher in Google’s SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

80% of that work off site, that is the work I do is NOT to the clients site, it consists of creating external sites that link to the company site. Of the remaining 20% of what I do is divided between ‘under the hood’ changes to the site’s code and altering the position of and strategic placement of copy on the existing corporate website.

Almost always a client comes to me with an existing website. 

That existing website was designed by a website designer. Typically web designers wouldn’t know effective sales copy if it crawled in their lap and called them “Mama”.

Web designers know even less about SEO or SEM. 

SEO= Search Engine Optimization

SEM= Search Engine Marketing

The roughly 80% of the work that I do to boost a website’s ranking that is NOT on the client’s existing website consists of what’s known as a Link Building Campaign

You have to get quality inbound links pointing to your company website for your website to be considered a quality link in Google’s eyes.

What Google thinks of your site is way, WAY more important than what YOU think of your site (or me for that matter)

Google does not disclose exactly what factors they take into account to determine who gets to be #1 but one thing is for sure: Link Popularity is what got Google started.

What IS link popularity?

Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site

Link popularity is how many websites are linking to yours (also known as backlinks or external links). Website popularity is becoming increasingly important, as many search engines are using this information as a ranking criterion. The more popular your site is, the better it is ranked on the search engines.

What methods do I use to get your company website to rank higher than your competitors websites?  The very first thing I do is to create a “corresponding blogspot blog” ( a Business Blog) to “go with” your existing company website.

The next item involves digital pictures, I take at least 3 photos OF:

  1. Your Store Front
  2. You at the cash register (or desk or office, “you at the helm”)
  3. Your product, inventory, or company vehicle (if you have a service business)
  1. Your main website
  2. The blogspot blog (business blog)
  3. The photo album listing

There is an art to getting the search engines to list those photo albums along side the listing in Google for:

To illustrate I’ll show you my Frederick Maryland Online Photo Album.

The next thing I do is list your company at the various online business directory sites, online classified ad sites, Craigslist or where ever I deem appropriate for your business .

Each market is different, not all businesses will do well in some advertising arenas; I’ve got over 9 years experience so I know what will work for you and what to avoid.

The 162 characters that are all that’s between your site ranking and oblivion?

That is the size of the summary ad that you need to place in the social bookmarking sites. 

Get that 162 characters wrong and no one will ever see your site.

If you can’t say EXACTLY what your business does in ONE SENTENCE… if you can’t do that you don’t have a business.

All you get is 162 characters (including spaces and punctuation)

There are specific places to add a 162 character description of your business that will make all the difference in the world to improving your existing company website’s ranking in Google. I *could tell you* but then I’d have to  k*** you…

next post: how to set up a blogspot blog for business

and that info is FREE 

For the exact step by step method that spells out exactly how to be a Local Google Guru (also known as becoming an authority site in Google’s eyes for your neighborhood) a Portal for your local area is going to cost you $97

OR.. just donate $50 to “A Mission of Mercy” on facebook and you get it FREE


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