Why Does SEO Cost So Much

I’m often asked why it costs so much for a webmaster to pay an SEO professional to improve a company website’s rank in Google. The often steep fees charged by competent SEO consultants can price some small businesses out of the market. The ROI or return on investment from increased sales or leads from a top ranked spot in Google can double a businesses gross sales.

Why is it a company has no problem paying $30,000 for a pick up truck that earns no income but balk at paying $5,000 or $10,000 for a top ranking in local Google search results?

SEO is mystifying to a webmaster but simple to an SEO consultant. It is a whole lot of tedious man hours of link deft link building to improve a company website’s ranking.

There is a story of a newspaper publisher who’s printing press broke down an hour before the next days printing deadline. The newspaper printing manager called in a printing press mechanic in a desperate attempt to get the following day’s edition out the door. The printing press mechanic showed up with minutes to spare, took a hammer and tapped a nut repairing the press. He handed the newspaper a bill for $1005.00.

The manager was happy but asked about the odd figure, “why the $5.00?” he asked. The mechanic (consultant) replied:

$5.00 to fix the press, $1,000.00 for knowing where to tap

Here at Frederick Web Promotions we charge $2500.oo to get a company website to rank more than once in the top 10 for regional Google ranking in your US county. It’s about 100 man hours @ $25.00 an hour. A phone book advertisement can cost that much and produce less ROI. We charge $3500.00 for statewide Google ranking and $12,000.00 for Nationwide Google ranking (monthly maintenance costs may apply).

We have doctors and lawyers who can easily afford this fee, smaller businesses often must make payment arrangements beginning with a $1,000.00 down payment.

Here lately,  several business owners have called me or left comments to the effect of “I’m in the organic listings just fine, but I got bumped from the Google local business listings”.

The fee is the same, if you want our team to do the work for you, however… if you just want us to tell you how to improve your ranking we can do telephone consultation for $500.00

Frederick Web Promotions, our main website has a series of Do It Yourself SEO posts if you’re interested in going down that road.

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Frederick Web Promotions

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