Donate $25 to Mission of Mercy on Facebook and get $97 report Free

My favorite charity is a local Free Mobile Medical Care clinic (on wheels)

Mission of Mercy MD & PA free health care

The “A Mission of Mercy”, these folks headquarters in right here in oldtown City of Frederick Maryland, but the organization serves 4 states: Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona and Maryland.

The Mission of Mercy comes to Frederick twice a month, at four Frederick locations. I do online publicity for them for free:

Here’s the deal, I offer a guide to teach what I do in easy, step by step fashion. I sell it for $97

At the bottom of this post I’ll show you results of using the local Goolge techniques so you’ll gauge for yourself if this is worth it or not…

OK, you donate $25 from this facebook link and I’ll see that you donated… you get the $97 report/guide for free!

Facebook runs something for charities they call “causes”, I don’t see a dime, facebook handles the whole thing… btw Mission of Mercy IS a 501c3 non profit. it’s too late tonight (this morning?) to finish this post, so I’ll come back and flesh it out:

Facebook link is:


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